“System has been problem-free, the whole process of connecting to the e-office takes a second or two. It does not delay the work with the patient. At the beginning, in the testing stage, there was a minor problem when working online, which has been eliminated by the software provider. To my surprise, 90 % of patient debtors were aware of their debts in general health insurance. Afterwards, I informed them that therefore they were only entitled to non-acute healthcare or that I could forfeit my fee for examination but they will have to cover the full price of all prescribed medications at the pharmacy, i.e. the situation is not positive and is potentially risky for the future. They could settle this at an office of Dôvera or pay out the debt through me as I were directly connected to the health insurance company, while I could present them with receipt of payment and full listing of the debt. I was surprised to find out that everyone, with no pressure, were willing to resolve the situation, 90 % of them immediately in my office; 1 patient decided for a planned settlement date about 3 weeks later in my office. The debts amounted to tens of euros, in one case it was 198 euros. One of my patients had debt over 1400 euros, I recommended her to visit an office of Dôvera in person.
To conclude, I have used the wide range of functions of the Safe Medicine online service, I have been satisfied, the service has run problem-free while the capitation has been correct.”

MUDr. Ladislav Palágyi

“I have been able to use the new method of registering the medications into prescriptions and (after the meeting at the office of Dôvera health insurance company in Bratislava, where we discussed the Safe Medicine service) I understand the reasons why this new, complicated method of registering medications must be performed in this way; I appreciate the implementation you have provided with the software companies. It is not often that physicians can fulfill their contractual obligations in such simple and effective manner. I believe that after several (unsuccessful) attempts, other providers will appreciate that this method is useful. I support the stakeholders and believe that future tasks in the healthcare sector could be dealt in such simple way (we, the healthcare providers, did not have to undergo complicated and sluggish software updates in our computers, this was somewhat automatic; to say nothing of the expenses that we avoided). I hope that sending the prescription information at the end of month will be problem-free.
Today, we were visited by a patient debtor who decided to settle his debts on their own, as some payments or items were not correct. My only concern is that in the future, the “Safe Medicine” service will no longer be free. I do not think this is the right way to follow. We shall see how many physicians will accept your appeal. What I see as disadvantage is that a prescription can only contain a single drug. Older people with unavoidable polypharmacy may be dissatisfied.”

MUDr. František Trebuňa

“I have been using the SM online service since its very beginnings when all it included was information about contraindications and drug interactions. Even back then, I joined the professional team that provided review and comments to optimize the service. This was why I accepted the update to the service with no hesitation. I had confidence in the quality of the service so I accepted with no doubt. "

MUDr. Peter Olexa

“We have used the Safe Medicine online service for 3 weeks in trial run with optional indirect connection to servers of the Dôvera health insurance company. The software informs us of whether the insurance card presented by the patient matches with the company where the patient is insured at. Physicians no longer have to rely on the portal of the Healthcare Surveillance Authority. The service also provides information on whether the particular insuree has debt in general health insurance. This information is going to be important once the Dôvera health insurance company stops covering the debtors’ non-acute healthcare. In my opinion, it is unlikely that a patient visits dermatologist with 300 or more euros in their pocket to pay at the doctor’s office. Personally, I do not intend to collect the debts from patients, not even in the future.
Other information is much more useful for the physician:
Information on drugs taken by the patient: This is useful when the patient does not remember which drugs he or she takes and there are many of those. The physician is then accordingly concerned about possibly prescribing a drug that could be duplicated or contraindicated. If all physicians use this system, we will know whether the patient has recently visited professional of particular specialization and has run out of a prescription drug. We can thus prevent duplicity.
Interactions: possible direct viewing of food or drug interactions is useful for physicians because they do not have to study information in package leaflets. Moreover, not all physicians have the summary of product characteristics available in their software, so they have to refer to a hardcopy edition which is time-consuming. Our center does not often prescribe medications - patient-administered tablets, we mostly prescribe local treatment.
Connection to server at the insurance company takes less than 8 seconds, which is not such long delay. Rather, entering the bar code to the prescription takes a bit too long. However, if the medications are prescribed by the nurse, this is no delay.”

MUDr. Gabriela Kolátorová